Chest Surgery ( Thoracic Surgery )

Thoracic Surgery is a medical branch that comprises the surgical treatment of diseases and traumas affecting the organs and areas inside the thoracic cavity except for the heart (i.e.  chest wall, ribs, lungs, pleura, mediastinum, diaphragm, esophagus).


Closed (needle) or open (surgical) biopsies (obtaining tissue samples for diagnostic purposes from the lungs, lymph nodes or pleura).

Bronchoscopy: painless examination of all airways under anesthesia by means of a tube with light source for diagnostic and treatment purposes, including if necessary the taking of tissue samples from the airways and opening of airway occlusions by means of mesh-type stents or laser.

Esophagoscopy: diagnosis and treatment of trauma, foreign objects, and benign or malign tumors of the esophagus (alimentary canal).

Mediastinoscopy, Mediastinotomy: taking tissue samples from lymph nodes, where the lungs are draining to, applied under anesthesia by means of a tube with light source for diagnostic and staging purposes.

Video-assisted thoracoscopy (VATS; endoscopic, closed thoracic surgery) makes it possible to perform all sorts of “Bloodless Lung Surgeries” by means of tubes with light source and a camera system through 2-3 holes, including without limitation draining of intrathoracic fluids, taking tissue samples from the lungs and pleura, metastasis, excision of cyst alveola, and pleural stripping.

Other surgeries performed at our hospitals include corrective surgeries of rib cage malformations by open or closed surgery (Nuss procedure), and surgical treatment of diseases of the chest wall, ribs, and muscles, benign and malign tumors, all sorts of rib cage traumas, and injury of the ribs, sternum (breastbone), lungs, heart, and diaphragm due to blunt or penetrating trauma or as result of accident, collision, fall, impact, or explosion. 

Volume Reduction Surgery: This surgery is performed on patients suffering from emphysema to improve the patients’ respiratory functions and exercise capacity, decrease the feeling of dyspnea (labored breathing), and increase their life quality.

Surgeries intended for the diagnosis, staging and treatment of lung cancer (excision and resection of affected lung parts).

Open, or if necessary, closed surgical treatment of alveola (bulla) the cause bursting in the pleura and deflation of the lung and surgeries to treat inflammatory lung diseases and their sequela (bronchiectasis, tuberculosis, aspergillosis, etc.). Congenital abnormalities of the lung (air cysts, emphysema, congenital cysts, bronchiectasis, irreversible expansions in the airways causing chronic inflammation as result of frequent upper respiratory tract infections and bronchitis in childhood).

Diagnosis and treatment of hydatid cysts, simple microbial pleura inflammations in pleural diseases (pleuritis), purulent inflammation of the lung (empyema), and pleural tumors (benign or malign). 



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Chest Surgery (Thoracic Surgery)