Check up

Check Up at regular intervals is necessary for having and maintaining a healthy life. Enez Health renders age-and gender-specific services in Check-up Programs.

Special cover packages are planned for certain age periods (childhood, Menopause, Prostate…etc.) along with special screening programs specific for familial genetic diseases. In addition, a special program can be planned according to age, gender, risk factors, lifestyle and family history of certain diseases in line with risk factors that are identified in physical examinations, laboratory tests and radiology studies.

In Medical Park Check-up programs, guests are accompanied by trained Check-up consultants.  You just need to spare 3 hours from 09.00 to 12.00 for the planned procedures.

What are planned procedures in Check-up?

A check-up program principally covers following procedures, although they may vary according to program and tests:

  • Detailed physical examination and final discussion with physician are done to plan necessary tests, make decision about consultations (establishing diagnosis of a disease by more than one physician), review results and create advices.
  • Blood tests give metabolic, hormonal and hematologic picture of a person and determines how organs function.
  • First-line radiology studies include X-rays and sonographic examinations. Procedures that image organs are complemented by other tests, wherein advanced technology is used, if necessary.
  • Function tests measure functioning rate of heart and respiratory system.
  • Endoscopic imaging procedures principally aims direct visualization of gastrointestinal system and taking biopsy samples, if necessary.

Check-Up Packs

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Check up