As the Patient Relations Department, our mission is to provide the service you desire from our hospitals and ensure your satisfaction. We collect the opinions and thoughts of all patients and their families who receive services from our hospital. We evaluate all the feedback with department managers and work towards improving our service quality based on your requests. After the evaluation, we provide feedback to the patients who reported the issues about the decisions and outcomes.

The Patient Relations Department not only contributes to your satisfaction but also enhances the development of our hospital with your suggestions and feedback. Your complaints and negative opinions are not only dealt with by our Patient Relations Department but also by all relevant top-level managers for resolution purposes.

To share your opinions, suggestions, or thoughts with the Patient Relations Department:

You can submit your feedback online through the “We Are Listening” section on our website. Additionally, you can send a letter to our mailing address, fill out the survey forms available on the floors and waiting areas, request a face-to-face meeting with the Patient Relations Department officials, or arrange a phone conversation.

Complaint Policy