Patient Room Facilities

All of our patient rooms are meticulously designed to meet the basic needs of both patients and their families at the highest quality standards. The patient rooms are categorized into standard rooms and suites based on comfort expectations.

Standard Rooms: In all standard rooms, there is a refrigerator, television, private safe, and a comfortable sofa where companions can relax. The shower and toilet areas in the rooms are cleaned at regular intervals according to high hygienic standards. Additionally, services such as newspaper delivery and Wi-Fi internet are provided to our patients and their companions.

Suite Rooms: The suite rooms in our hospitals are structured into two separate sections for patients and their companions. Companions can relax in the designated area within the suite room with top-notch comfort. In addition to the basic features available in standard rooms, extra facilities such as additional toilets and televisions tailored for the use of companions are provided in suite rooms.

Special Rooms for New Mothers: Rooms for new mothers are located in the same area and are customized according to their expectations. Additional services such as photo shoots and room decorations are offered in this area under the supervision of experienced professionals, catering to the desires of parents who want to fully experience the excitement of having a baby.


Patient Rooms