Patient Rights and Feedback Process

Enez Health, the health and satisfaction of our patients are our top priorities. As the Patient Rights Unit, we follow these processes to improve our services and meet your expectations:

  1. Collecting Your Opinions and Thoughts:

    • We listen to the opinions and thoughts of all our patients and their families who receive services from our hospitals.
    • Every feedback received is evaluated by the relevant department managers.
  2. Efforts Towards Solutions:

    • We work to improve our service quality based on the evaluations made with you.
    • We carry out solution-oriented processes for your problems and requests.

We Value Your Feedback: To reach the best, we will be delighted to receive your suggestions, requests, and opinions.

  • You can reach the Satisfaction Line by dialing our call center at +90 549 747 28 20.
  • To convey your opinions online, you can send an email via the “We Are Listening” section on our website.
  • You can send letters to the hospital or General Directorate addresses.
  • You can fill out survey forms located on floors and waiting rooms in our hospitals.
  • You can send messages via our social media accounts.
  • You can request face-to-face meetings with the Patient Rights Unit officials or have a phone conversation.

Every feedback (complaint) sent to the Patient Rights Unit and Satisfaction Center is recorded and stored in the system with a unique reference number. Complaints are evaluated according to the principles of patient rights and satisfaction. All necessary investigations are conducted, and solutions are produced as soon as possible and in compliance with quality standards. After evaluation, the decisions and results are communicated back to the patient.

Satisfaction Ensuring Process