In order to ensure a secure environment within our hospitals, we have dedicated security personnel. Our staff members have the authority to conduct baggage searches and vehicle checks when necessary for your safety within the hospital premises. Additionally, common areas in our hospitals are monitored 24/7 by closed-circuit video systems, and the footage is recorded.

For your safety, we kindly request your attention to the following points:

Please refrain from bringing excessive belongings when coming to the hospital. If you have valuable items with you, you can place them in the safes provided in the rooms or entrust them to your companion when leaving the room. If you are alone, you can ask your nurse for assistance in handing over your valuables to the security personnel.
In case any of your belongings go missing, please inform your nurse immediately so that the security staff can intervene.
Do not allow unfamiliar individuals, apart from hospital staff, to direct you or seek help from them. In any situation, please contact your nurse or the relevant hospital personnel.
If you witness any suspicious individuals or incidents, please inform the hospital staff in your area immediately.


Security Information and Policy