Undertaking the leadership of its class in healthcare sector, MLPCARE carries its quarter-century experience and “VM” approach, adapting to changing living conditions, to Bursa with VM Medical Park Bursa Hospital.

VM Medical Park Hospital, which was named after the slogan “Value Added Medicine”, is opening its doors for people in Bursa with its world-standard advanced diagnosis and treatment methods, flawless patient-oriented hotel services, attending and academic physician staff and admits patients in all branches.

Bursa, the 28th most livable city in the world and 1st in Turkey, intends to be the reference hospital of Southern Marmara with VM Medical Park Bursa Hospital that will utilize multidisciplinary therapy approach and innovative medical technologies concurrently with the world.

Indoor Area Of 55,000 M2

The hospital has 270 beds, 10 operating theaters and 83 intensive care beds in an indoor area of 55,000 m2. There is also a heliport for emergency transfers and any and all problems can be intervened in VM Medical Park Bursa Hospital with smart building system.

“Base Of Health” In Southern Marmara

In VM Medical Park Bursa Hospital, the equipped base of health in Southern Marmara, 3rd stage advanced technology, diagnosis and therapy services are rendered with a patient care approach that all processes are managed studiously by experienced physician staff using multidisciplinary therapy approach and strong technological and medical infrastructure. Especially, cancer surgery, endoscopic and microsurgical techniques, medical oncology treatments, plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery procedures are carried out by renowned physicians of relevant fields in 3rd stage intensive care units with an infrastructure which can meet all emergency needs in the region. Moreover, it has a conference room equipped with latest technology which is able to host many health seminars for 350 people.

Flawless Hotel Services For Healthcare

VM Medical Park Bursa Hospital, which offers distinctive guest services and patient care approach as well as treatment approaches, provides guests with a wide spectrum of healthcare services. In this personalized service that prioritizes comfort of patients and families, 5-star hotel comfort is enabled. There are many exclusive services ranging from television (including local and international channels) and internet service to diet menus planned specifically for each patient and newspaper-magazine services. Parking lot, house of worship and hairdresser are among special services which patient and relatives can access easily.

A Station Of Taste: Cafe VM

Offering a rich a la carte menu ranging from breakfast and healthy salads to freshly cooked cookies and meat dishes, Café VM appeals to tastes of guests at every age, from elder people to children. Since conformist approach is adopted for the design, Café VM considers all details to ensure comfort of guests.

“Liv Concept” Approach In Service

One another important feature of VM Medical Park Hospital is the availability of the world-class service approach of LIV Hospital that is named after the principle of “Leading International Vision”, where advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods are used concomitantly with the world. This service will be rendered with name of “LIV Concept” at the hospital as it enables top ranking personalized approach in the healthcare. These features enable VM Medical Park Bursa Hospital to meet quality service expectations of Bursa and Southern Marmara.

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VM Medical Park Bursa Hospital