Admitting patients in Gaziosmanpaşa district of Istanbul since 2015, Medical Park continues hospital business operations in configuration of modern university hospital since first quarter of 2018 based on an affiliation with Istinye University.

Making a striking difference in healthcare services with its innovative approach, Istinye University Hospital Medical Park makes difference also with education and scientific studies.

The hospital has an inpatient bed availability of 197 beds and 15 operating theaters built on an overall indoor space of 67.000 m².

Opening Doors To A Healthy Future

Furnishing exclusive services thanks to innovative medical technologies and personalized advanced diagnostics and treatment, Istinye University Hospital Medical Park Gaziosmanpaşa has made a distinguished name for itself in every specific field ranging from technologic infrastructure to service quality, and from a medical doctor staff, each with academic title and acknowledged as authority in their respective fields on grounds of the achievements they have made, to the patient relations approach adopted by the hospital.

Combinatıon Of Comfort And Good-Humored Service

Istinye University Hospital Medical Park Gaziosmanpaşa is providing services on a modern and elegant line to its guests on the VM floor which has been designed with an inspiration drawn from a patient-oriented service approach. Inspiring from the motto ‘Value Adding Service’, the VM concept is raising the bar in Gaziosmanpaşa with its high standards that shine through in terms of life-touching experience and performance. The medical services provided at this hospital, wherein the comfort of patients and their relatives are prioritized, are comparable to the comfort level of a hotel.

Quick Diagnosis Based On Advanced Technology

Furnishing its services using advanced technology coupled with a scientific sense of work based on dynamic system and teamwork, Istinye University Hospital Medical Park has been operating in line with the principle of multidisciplinary work. Providing services at world standards in all departments, the most up-to-date medical and surgical methods guided by modern technologies are available for diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart diseases, and cancer that is regarded as the major disease of our era.

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Medical Park İstinye University Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital