Rendering healthcare services with 293 beds, 9 operating theaters, 64 intensive care beds, more than 150 doctors and almost 1.000 employees, Medical Park Göztepe provides citizens of Turkey and international patients with modern healthcare services in line with international standards. Going great runs in many fields ranging from cancer, genetics, in vitro fertilization and hair transplant to cardiac surgery and aesthetic surgery, the hospital complex has contracts with national and international insurance companies.

Cancer Hospital hosts all necessary departments required for anti-cancer treatment, such as Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Cancer Surgery, Genetics, Complementary Medicine, Psychology and Nutrition and Diet, while patients can also be consulted with relevant departments of General Hospital to support diagnostic and therapeutic processes.

Bahçeşehir University Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Complex is a JCI-accredited facility and it is not only one of most significant health investments in Turkey, but the hospital that meets criteria of world standards is also proudly emphasizing the motto of Group “Health for Everybody”.

Exclusive Services

Dental Hospital

Dental Hospital of the complex provides patients with comprehensive methods in the field of oral and dental health, ranging from tooth whitening to implant, with strong physician staff and technological equipment. In Dental Hospital, general dentistry procedures are supplemented by treatments for gingival diseases as well as dental aesthetic, orthodontics and pedodontics to ensure holistic approach.

Cancer Hospital

Being the first privately owned cancer hospital in Turkey and located in Bahçeşehir University Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Complex, our hospital is equipped with advanced diagnosis and treatment units such as PET-CT used for diagnosis of cancer and Linear Accelerator device, which is the state-of-the-art technology of medicine in computerized radiotherapy planning. In addition to aforementioned equipment, following advanced diagnostic devices of medical technology are also offered to patient’s disposal; 64-slice Computerized Tomography, high level Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner, Tomography scanner, Digital Mammography, Digital X-ray scanner, Ultrasound and Color Doppler, Digital and Peripheral Angiography and 4D Ultrasound device. An independent floor is reserved for Chemotherapy Unit in the hospital and 58 patients can simultaneously receive treatment in a comfortable environment. Göztepe Cancer Hospital serves patients by specialized and experienced team of physicians who use technical equipment and state-of-the-art devices and adopts multidisciplinary approach.

VM Floor

VM Floor of Bahçeşehir University Medical Park Göztepe Hospital Complex is designed in line with patient-oriented approach and physical conditions of the unit makes psychological contributions to the treatment. All spacious rooms are designed to maximize exposure to day light and service approach is based on boutique hotel business.

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Medical Park Göztepe Hospital