Being most widespread chain of hospitals in Turkey, we are offering healthcare services, which are continuously improved based on our knowledge and experience in healthcare sector, at MedicalPark Ankara in accordance with our policy “Health for everybody”.

In strict concordance with our professional service approach in the healthcare sector, we are offering healthcare services in Ankara in order to provide our patients with best healthcare services in 22 thousand square meter of indoor area, 158 beds, 52 intensive care beds, 6 operating theaters and 80 outpatient clinics.

We are at your service at Medical Park Ankara with patient-oriented service approach, advanced diagnostic and therapeutic methods, physicians and our vision, which prioritizes the concept “health”.

VM Concept

Medical Park Ankara Hospital meets guests with VM concept based on the approach of value adding service.

The concept “VM” is based on healthcare services tailored to demands of guests based on the understanding of quality in health, and thus, Medical Park Ankara Hospital makes a difference in following fields;

  • Treatment Approaches
  • Guest Services
  • Patient Care Approach
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Medical Park Ankara (Batıkent) Hospital