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Admitting patients in Bahçelievler district of Istanbul since 2007, Medical Park Hospital continues hospital business operations in the form of university hospital based on an affiliation with Altınbaş University.

Altınbaş University Hospital Medical Park Bahçelievler delivers exclusive healthcare services for everybody with staff of experienced physicians, multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment approach, innovative medical technologies, patient-oriented service approach and advanced diagnosis and treatment modalities.

Altınbaş University Hospital Medical Park Bahçelievler is a well equipped hospital that meets provisions of international standards at a central location of the European Side of Istanbul at 5-minute distance to Atatürk Airport and the hospital serves both national and international patients.

JCI-Accredited Services In Line With International Standards

The 19-storey hospital building is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), which represents international quality standards for healthcare, and healthcare services are delivered in 30.000 square-meter area, wherein 242 patient beds, 89 outpatient clinic rooms, 10 operating theaters, 24 neonatal incubators, 6 pediatric intensive care beds, 28 adult intensive care beds, 6 CVS ICU beds and 12 cardiology intensive care beds. It is a reference center in Istanbul with experienced teams and in Cardiovascular Surgery, Coronary, Neonatal and General intensive care units and Medical Oncology, Tumor Surgery, Radiation Oncology and Nuclear Medicine departments.

Meeting provisions of international standards and being opened in 2007, the hospital serves patients by pioneering physicians with academic title in well equipped rooms with advanced treatment techniques.

Pioneering Facility In Bone Marrow Transplantation

Pediatric and Adult Bone Marrow Transplantation units of Altınbaş University Hospital Medical Park Bahçelievler are among pioneering centers in this field, as evidence by significant breakthroughs.

The hospital maintains the position of healthcare facility with highest figures of bone marrow transplants in our country in the last two years. In addition to successful bone marrow transplants performed by experienced physicians, patients and medical community are educated in this field. The center offers services in line with international standards by working in integration with international bone marrow banks (EBMT, CIBMTR, ISCT).

Comfort In Cardiac Surgeries

Many surgical heart pathologies and vascular occlusions are successfully operated on with smaller incisions, as minimally invasive surgery technique that can be performed only in several centers around the world is used in Altınbaş University Hospital Medical Park Bahçelievler. It is a reference center for the country especially in surgical treatment for congenital heart diseases based on appropriate intensive care standards and experienced team.

Pediatric Services From Day 1 To Year 1

The pediatric cases ranging from age of 1 day to 1 year that require specialized care and experienced physicians are operated on and optimal intensive care standards are maintained for their postoperative care in Altınbaş University Hospital Medical Park Bahçelievler.

Among Limited Neurostimulator Centers!

Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) that is used for treatment of Parkinson’s disease is successfully performed in Altınbaş University Hospital Medical Park Bahçelievler along with limited number of facilities in Turkey and around the world.

Considering spine and trauma surgery that requires significant experience, a team of experienced surgeons is performing operations that are reported in the literature especially for kyphosis, scoliosis, bone tumors and traumas.

Patients are provided with up-to-date medical treatments by experienced physicians in other departments, such as Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology, Neurosurgery, Thoracic Surgery, IVF and Gynecology, Orthopedics and Urology.

Exclusive 3-Tesla Comfort In MRI

The hospital employs physicians and surgeons with academic title in specialized disciplines of tumor surgery, such as thyroid, breast, liver, pancreas and bile duct surgery, orthopedic tumor surgery and gynecologic tumor surgery, that are supported by advanced oncologic diagnosis and treatment units, such as PET/CT and Linear Accelerator. Recently, the ability to deliver lower doses to the target makes oncologic treatments safer. Moreover, other striking advanced diagnosis equipment include 64-slice computerized tomography that enables quick and catheter-free coronary angiography; 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) that enables high-definition imaging and comfort; digital and peripheral angiography; and four dimensional ultrasound.

360-Degree Service Approach

Comfort of guests is prioritized in Altınbaş University Hospital Medical Park Bahçelievler, where personalized healthcare services are based on 360-degree service approach. In this end, 5-star hotel comfort is offered in patient rooms that are designed to meet various healthcare needs. Internet access, park lot, ATM and prayer room are some examples of services that are easily available for patients and family members. Altınbaş University Hospital Medical Park Bahçelievler also has a Café/Restaurant, where guests enjoy friendly service and delicious menu.

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