Liv Hospital Ulus; Shortly after its opening, it was awarded the Joint Commission International (JCI) of America, the most important international accreditation certificate in health, and the TÜV, the European ISO certificate.

Liv Hospital Ulus, which has been growing with each passing day for 7 years with its medical departments, technology, expert physician staff and heartfelt devotion to the value of the human life, has become a reference center in health care in a short time.

Inspired by the self-healing ability of the human body, Liv Hospital knows that the greatest treatment has started peacefully since its establishment, and continues to advance with a focus on individualized treatment. With its patient-focused approach, distinguished physician staff, healthcare personnel, medical infrastructure and technology, Liv Hospital Ulus / Istanbul is composed of 154 beds, 8 operating theaters and 50 clinics in a closed area of 30 thousand square meters.

Liv Hospital is aiming to become the representative instutition of Turkey in the international arena as a visionary with it’s impeccable service concept and highlighting the concept of health not disease. It also offers the best services and solutions to improve the quality of life.

Liv Hospital, which builds its private health sector studies on a scientific platform and compares its medical results to the best centers in the world, derives its strength from the fact that the departments are composed of top specialties. As Liv Hospital, we produce quality health services for our guests and at the same time, we conduct scientific studies and researches. We sign important collaborations with a number of reputable universities and research hospitals in Turkey and abroad. This required a more specific treatment approach and the establishment of special units within clinics.

Liv Hospital Team will continue to shed light on different topics and be the leader in this journey.

Liv Ulus Hospital

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Liv Ulus Hospital