Liv Hospital Gaziantep, the Health Base of the Region

Liv Hospital Gaziantep offers health care services to its guests, the pearl of the Southeast, at Gaziantep. Liv Hospital Gaziantep has a team of experienced physicians, a multidisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic approach, innovative medical technologies, and patient-oriented, personalized diagnostic and treatment programs.

The hospital provides service with a wide variety of branches ranging from cardiology to neurosurgery, gynecology and obstetrics, physical therapy and rehabilitation in a closed area of approximately 40 thousand square meters. In addition to its internal and surgical branches, Liv Hospital Gaziantep provides services to patients through its pediatric bone marrow, adult bone marrow, in vitro fertilization, medical oncology, nuclear medicine, cardiovascular surgery, newborn intensive care, adult intensive care, coronary intensive care, plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery departments. The hospital has a capacity of 258 beds and has 70 polyclinics. Liv Hospital Gaziantep has brought the understanding of healthcare hotel management to the highest level with its private and suite rooms.

The hospital aims to connect guests from the Middle East and Arab countries, as well as guests from Europe and the Balkans, with quality health care at Liv Hospital, a central location just 20 minutes from the airport. Liv Hospital Gaziantep serves not only as a new hospital but also as the health base of the region with a motto of the future of health.

Liv Gaziantep Hospital

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Liv Gaziantep Hospital