Makoplasty is one of the most common methods, especially for knee and hip replacements. Thanks to this method, surgeons can place prostheses in the correct position and patients can recover faster. Surgical interventions with the makoplasty method in Turkey may be safer and more effective. You can read the rest of the article to get more comprehensive answers to the questions of what is makoplasty, how it is performed and what is a robotic hip replacement.

What is Makoplasty?

Makoplasty is a method used in the application of knee and hip replacements using robotic surgery technology. This method allows a more accurate and precise operation, thanks to the use of robotic devices during joint prosthesis surgery. The makoplasty method is performed by means of a robotic arm that is connected to a computer. With this method, it is easier to place the prostheses in the correct position. In addition, the makoplasty method can offer many advantages compared to other surgical methods. Makoplasty, which also provides a faster healing process, is one of the methods that individuals and doctors prefer more with the developing technology.

How is Makoplasty Performed?

Makoplasty is a robotic surgical method used for knee and hip replacement surgeries. This method is performed by pre-examination of the anatomical structure of the patient’s legs and placing the prosthesis in the correct position during the surgery using robotic devices.Makoplasty surgery first begins with the creation of a 3D model of the patient’s legs with a computed tomography (CT) scan. This model provides the surgeon with detailed information about the anatomical structure of the patient. Then, the surgeon uses this model to bring the robotic devices to the correct position and place them in the area where the operation is performed.

Makoplasty surgery is performed with surgical interventions made from several small incisions. Robotic devices provide mobility to the surgeon, making it easier to place the prosthesis in the correct position. In addition, thanks to robotic devices, it is possible for the surgeon to perform a more precise and accurate operation.After makoplasty surgery, patients usually feel less pain and recover faster. Post-operative physical therapy may also take a shorter time. In conclusion, Makoplasty is a preferred method for knee and hip replacement surgeries. Thanks to this method, patients feel less pain, heal faster and a longer prosthesis use is provided.

What Should Be Paid Attention to When Performing Makoplasty?

Makoplasty is a robotic surgery method and is especially used in knee and hip replacement surgeries. This method aims to preserve the patient’s natural joint structure and ensure a more accurate placement of the prosthesis. There are several important factors that should be paid attention to while performing makoplasty surgery.

  1. Surgeon’s Experience: Makoplasty surgery should be performed by an experienced surgeon. The surgeon must be an expert in robotic surgery and have the necessary knowledge and experience to successfully complete the operation.
  2. Correct Technology: The robotic systems used in makoplasty surgery need to be selected and configured correctly. This can greatly affect the success of the operation.
  3. Application in the Right Patients: Makoplasty is not a suitable method for all patients. Makoplasty surgery can be performed depending on the patient’s age, weight, activity level, joint damage and other factors of the disease.
  4. Surgeon’s Preoperative Preparation: The surgeon should carefully evaluate the patient before surgery and have information about the patient’s general health status. In addition, the patient’s preoperative preparation should also be completed.
  5. Postoperative Care: Makoplasty surgery also plays an important role in the postoperative recovery period. The surgeon should be informed about the patient’s postoperative care and the patient should be appropriately referred to the postoperative rehabilitation program.

So, many factors such as the experience of the surgeon, the selection of the right technology, the selection of the right patients, the preoperative preparation of the surgeon and the postoperative care should be taken into consideration while performing the makoplasty surgery.

What are the Advantages of Makoplasty?

Makoplasty provides many advantages over traditional surgical methods. There are many advantages to having Makoplasty surgery in Turkey, which is one of the countries that closely follows the developments in health technology and applies them successfully. The most important advantages of makoplasty are as follows:

  1. More Accurate and Precise Operation: Robotic systems used in makoplasty surgery allow the surgeon to perform a more accurate and precise operation. Robotic systems provide the surgeon with a real-time view of the surgery and assist in determining the correct position.
  2. Shorter Surgery Time: Makoplasty surgery is completed in a shorter time compared to traditional surgical methods. This allows patients to stay in the hospital for less time and undergo a faster recovery process.
  3. Less Blood Loss: Makoplasty surgery is performed with less blood loss compared to traditional surgical methods. This allows patients to need less blood transfusion after surgery.
  4. Less Pain and Faster Recovery: Mackoplasty surgery allows patients to experience less pain after surgery and recover faster, as it is a less invasive method. This can help patients return to their daily lives more quickly.
  5. Longer Lasting Prostheses: Prostheses placed through makoplasty may last longer than prostheses placed by other methods. This allows patients to change their prostheses less often and move painlessly for longer periods of time.

So, Makoplasty surgery provides many advantages such as a more accurate and precise operation, shorter operation time, less blood loss, less pain, faster recovery, and longer-lasting prostheses.

What is Robotic Hip Replacement?

Robotic hip replacement is an operation to remove damaged tissue from the hip joint and replace it with an artificial prosthesis. In this surgery, the correct placement of the prosthesis is ensured by using a robotic surgical system. This system consists of a robotic arm and sensors controlled by a computer program. Robotic hip replacement surgery in Turkey offers several advantages compared to traditional hip replacement surgeries. These advantages include a less invasive procedure, less blood loss, less pain, a shorter hospital stay, and a faster recovery time. In addition, the robotic surgery system ensures more accurate placement of the prosthesis, which helps the prosthesis last longer and provide better functionality. Robotic hip replacement surgery is usually applied to patients who have severe damage to the hip joint due to osteoarthritis or fracture. However, it may not be suitable for every patient and a decision is made after the surgeon’s evaluation. Before the surgery, the patient’s medical history, physical examination and imaging tests are performed.

What is Robotic Knee Replacement?

Robotic knee replacement, often referred to as makoplasty, is a specialized form of knee replacement surgery that integrates robotic technology. This technique involves a surgeon using a robotic arm guided by a 3D model of the patient’s knee to enhance surgical precision. . During the procedure, a surgeon uses a robotic arm system guided by computer software to enhance precision. This technology assists in preoperative planning, real-time feedback, and precise bone cuts, potentially leading to improved implant alignment and better patient outcomes. It offers benefits like minimally invasive approaches and shorter hospital stays, though its application depends on patient suitability and facility resources. 

The Best Makoplasty Doctors in Turkey

In order to learn about the best Makoplasty doctors in Turkey, it is important to make an appointment with the doctors of high-tech hospitals providing Makoplasty services in Turkey. Robotic hip replacement surgery, when performed correctly, is an effective treatment method that helps to repair the damage to the hip joint and improve the patient’s quality of life. You can apply to Liv Hospital to have a makoplasty or to have more information about this topic.

Liv Hospital: Solutions with less pain are possible with makoplasty.

Standing out with its experience and practices in the field of health, Liv Hospital makes a difference with its successful doctors and Makoplasty treatment. From your initial phone conversation through the end of your treatment, the Liv Hospital International Health Services Team will be by your side. Providing service to visitors from many different nationalities in Turkey, Liv Hospital employs a competent team of successful and experienced doctors who can meet all your health needs. Therefore, Liv Hospital applies the most suitable and anatomical prosthesis to the knee and hip thanks to robotic surgery. You can call us to get detailed information about Makoplasty operations. You can get acquainted with the advantages of Makoplasty in Turkey and witness the difference of Liv Hospital.

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