Although most eye problems can be resolved with medication, glasses or contact lenses, these are not permanent solutions and their continuity can tire people. Although the surgical treatment option is a permanent solution, it may not be preferred since it is considered painful and risky for most people. Femto cataract laser is a procedure performed with a computerized laser that does not involve a needle or knife. Femto cataract laser treatment, which is more reliable than traditional eye surgeries, has become more common with the developments in health technology in Turkey. You can find more detailed information about Femto cataract laser in the continuation of the article.

What is Femto Cataract Laser?

The vision process occurs when the eyes work together with the brain and the brain interprets the image. As a result of any damage to the structure of the eye, various problems may arise. Cataracts are one of these vision problems. The lens that allows light to be refracted is transparent under normal conditions. But this transparency may deteriorate, and cataracts occur as a result. People with cataracts have blurry vision since they look at their surroundings through a blurred lens. As a result of this condition, daily functions such as reading, and driving may become difficult.

Cataracts progress by developing gradually in most people. While it is not commonly seen at a young age, the risk of developing cataracts may increase with advancing age. As the level of cataract progresses, vision becomes blurred and it becomes difficult to continue daily activities. At this point, surgeries forcataract treatmentcan be very important for your quality of life.

Femto laser is a kind of non-surgical eye procedure. With this surgery, it is aimed to solve vision problems by reshaping the cornea of the eye. This surgery, performed with a computerized laser, has similar steps and procedures as other eye surgeries. But this procedure, which is non-surgical, is much more sensitive than others.

How is Femto Cataract Laser Applied?

When it comes to eye surgery, the first thing that comes to mind may be the traditional methods using needles and scalpels. However, femto cataract laser application stands out as a cataract procedure without needles and scalpels. In cataract surgeries, the goal is to remove the blurred lens and replace it with an artificial transparent lens. The surgical process has similar steps as traditional cataract surgery. The patient’s eye is first mapped for surgery. Ultrasound or an eye-scanning device can be used for this. Then, high-resolution images are continuously transferred to the computer screen with the 3D OCT device. At the same time, the laser is programmed with the help of a computer. An opening is created in the cornea of the eye with a laser. Through the opening, the blurred center of the lens is broken and melted with the phaco probe. The melted lens is removed from the eye through aspiration and replaced with an artificial lens.

Femto surgery is a kind of outpatient procedure. After the procedure is completed, you can stay in the hospital for observation purposes for several hours. After that, there is usually no condition that requires you to stay in the hospital. However, during the operation, your doctor may numb the area around the eyes using local anesthesia so that you do not feel pain. Even if you are awake during the procedure, you will not feel anything. After surgery, it may take some time for the anesthesia to lose its effect.

What are the Advantages of Femto Cataract Laser Treatment?

Femto cataract laser treatment has become one of the effective treatment methods in Türkiye with the developments in the field of health technology. Femto cataract laser treatment has some advantages compared to traditional methods. These advantages are as follows:

  • In traditional cataract surgery, needle and scalpel are used during the procedure, so femto cataract laser treatment is safer.
  • A large part of femto cataract laser treatment is performed by means of a computer-controlled laser. In this way, human error is minimal.
  • Femto cataract laser treatment is performed in a shorter time.
  • It is much more sensitive and can give good results compared to traditional surgeries where everything is applied manually.

What are the Disadvantages of Femto Cataract Laser Treatment?

Femto cataract laser has some disadvantages as well as many advantages. These disadvantages are as follows:

  • The biggest disadvantage of femto cataract laser treatment may be the high cost of disposable materials during surgery.
  • In addition, there are complications that may occur specific to this method after surgery.

Why is Femto Cataract Laser Performed?

Small problems such as dryness and itching in the eyes, which are one of the most sensitive organs in the body, can be treated with an ophthalmologist examination and medication. But surgical treatment is a must for larger eye problems such as cataracts, and retinal tears. Thanks to the developing health technology in Türkiye, eye surgeries can be performed with increasingly reliable and easy methods. These developments may create a desire to get rid of vision problems permanently with surgical treatment in people who use glasses or lenses. As a result, femto cataract laser surgery in Türkiye offers a permanent treatment option to patients with cataracts.

What Is The Difference Between Femto Cataract Laser And Cataract Surgery?

One of the main differences between cataract surgery and femto cataract laser is the technology used. During cataract surgery, each procedure is performed manually, and the success of the procedure depends on the surgeon’s success. In femto cataract laser surgery, a computerized laser is used. For this reason, it can be said that it is a more reliable method compared to traditional surgery, which depends on the success of the surgeon.

Who Are Eligible For Femto Cataract Laser?

Femto cataract laser is suitable for people who meet the following criteria:

  • 18 years and older
  • No change in the degree of glasses or contact lenses in the last year
  • No use of drugs that can change vision
  • No hormone fluctuations that could change vision (such as having diabetes or breastfeeding)
  • No disease that may prevent wound healing in general health status
  • No thin cornea

It will be decided after a doctor’s examination whether you are suitable for the procedure.

What Other Diseases Is Femto Laser Used For?

Femto laser is performed by making an incision on the surface of the eye and shaping the cornea. The cornea is where the light is refracted. For this reason, femto lasik procedure can be preferred in the treatment of refractive eye problems. This refractive problem includes:

  • Myopia
  • Hypermetropia
  • Astigmatism
  • Presbyopia (loss of eye elasticity due to aging) 

Femto lasik is used in the permanent treatment of diseases that require glasses or lenses to see better in general.

The Best Femto Cataract Laser Doctors in Türkiye

Türkiye, which is one of the countries that makes a difference in the field of health by following the developing technology for Femto Cataract treatment, can be preferred. Because Türkiye has experienced and successful doctors who closely follow the developments in the field of health technology. In order to learn about the best femto cataract laser doctors in Türkiye, it is important to make an appointment with the doctors of high-tech hospitals providing femto cataract laser services in Türkiye.

Liv Hospital: See life clearly 

Liv Hospital, which makes a difference with its new knowledge and applications in the field of health, stands out with its experienced doctors and femto cataract laser treatment. From your initial phone conversation through the end of your treatment, the Liv Hospital International Health Services Team will be by your side. Providing service to visitors from many different nationalities in Türkiye, Liv Hospital employs an experienced team of successful and competent medical doctors who can meet all your health needs. Therefore, Liv Hospital provides you with the most effective health service in order to eliminate the health problems in your eyes. You can call us to get detailed information about femto cataract laser treatments. You can get acquainted with the advantages of femto cataract laser treatment in Türkiye and witness the difference of Liv Hospital.

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