Brachytherapy, one of the most important tools in radiation oncology, can be used for the treatment of prostate cancer. Brachytherapy addition can increase the efficiency of radiotherapy for patients who are not eligible for surgery in the organ-restricted stages of the prostate cancer. Similar to external irradiation, tumor is effectively destroyed with minimal side effects in brachytherapy. Liv Hospital Radiation Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Merdan Fayda explained 4-dimensional prostate brachytherapy.

Prostate brachytherapy allows irradiation of the cancerous tissue in the prostate from within, instead of external application. Therefore, very successful results can be obtained by targeting the tumor up close with high dose and without damaging the surrounding tissue.

4-Dimensional prostate brachytherapy

Liv Hospital Radiation Oncology Clinic offer real-time imaging guided high dose rapid prostate brachytherapy. HDR (high dose) prostate brachytherapy is performed with real-time transrectal ultrasonography for prostate cancer patients. Brachytherapy can be performed as an addition to external irradiation method IG-IMRT for suitable select patients.

What is the 4-dimensional high dose rapid prostate brachytherapy with real-time imaging guide?

The 4-dimensional prostate brachytherapy method is performed via plastic needles palced into prostate tissue under the guidance of transrectal ultrasonography. As the whole procedure is performed with real-time high-resolution ultrasonography guidance, it offers an extremely effective treatment planning and high accuracy application. The most effective treatment plan with least side effects is scheduled and delivered based on the real-time images of the prostate and other normal tissues. The procedure takes approximately 2 hours under general or spinal anesthesia and is completed after the removal of the needles. Then the patient is invited for external radiation or second prostate brachytherapy to be initiated one week later.

What are the advantages of prostate brachytherapy?

  • Total radiotherapy duration is shortened.
  • Treatment efficiency is increased.
  • The duration of hormone therapy can be shortened.
  • The damage of surrounding tissues and organs is reduced.
  • Less side effects.
  • Urinary incontinence/urinary tract stenosis incidences are significantly low.
  • It is usually performed in a single session and there is almost no risk of bleeding.

Who are eligible for prostate brachytherapy?

  • As an addition to the external treatment (IG-IMRT) of moderate and high-risk prostate cancer patients,
  • As focal radiotherapy in patients who previously received radiotherapy and had relapse,
  • As a single therapy for low-risk patients who are not eligible for selected operation.

What are the advantages of 4-dimensional high dose prostate brachytherapy over permanent seed brachytherapy?

  • The patient can return their normal daily life as there will be no radioactive source inside.
  • Real-time imaging guidance performed throughout the entire procedure increases the accuracy.
  • Since no radioactive source will be placed inside the patient, there is no displacement risk of such materials.

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