Protruding, bubble-like formations in the brain vessels are called aneurysm and has high death and disability risk if ruptured. Therefore, detected aneurysms must be treated. Today, thanks to advanced medical technologies, aneurysms can be treated by inserting a catheter from the groin area, without scalpel and open surgery. Neuroradiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Minareci explains aneurysm and current treatment method.

People with aneurysm in their family history are at high risk

Aneurysm, ballooning of a weakened blood vessel in the brain, may remain without causing any complaints, however, can cause death or serious paralysis if ruptured suddenly. Therefore, aneurysm must be treated immediately after diagnosis. People with cerebrovascular disease history in their family, aneurysm in a close relative or patients with high blood pressure are at even higher risk. The bleeding risk of an aneurysm is higher in smoking patients than non-smokers.

Only a catheter insertion from the groin

Previously, aneurysm treatment was limited to open brain surgery. In recent years, with the advanced methods in medicine, aneurysm treatment is possible without open surgery; a catheter is inserted from the groin area and guided up to the affected vessel. The duration required for this treatment is significantly less than open surgery and patients can return their normal daily lives within a few days. This treatment method, called embolization, is performed by using state-of-the-art imaging devices and highly specialized materials. The physician must be specially trained (interventional neuroradiology) and experienced in order for a successful treatment.

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