Medical Check Up Prices in Turkey

A periodic health checkup from time to time is not a luxury anymore. With the pollution and stresses of the work-life getting to everyone, there is negligence regarding your health. Turkey is the primary holiday destination for many, but its booming medical tourism industry is fast becoming the place for better health. With its rich culture, beautiful holiday destinations and history, it offers much more than your run-of-the-mill international destinations.

With a booming medical infrastructure, healthcare in Turkey has taken leaps and bounds in the last few years. From the affordability of health checkups to the high-quality care available at premier locations, Turkey is becoming the place to be that can offer them at a price you can afford. With highly-trained medical practitioners in Istanbul providing services to locals and foreigners alike, you can get the proper care to diagnose and treat your problems in the bud.

In this blog, we go over why you should get a medical health checkup, how women’s and men’s checkups are different, and what factors affect the check up cost in Turkey. 

Why do you need a complete health check up?

“Prevention is better than cure”, a saying as old as time. You can stick by it with the proper attention at the right time. By getting a complete health checkup in Istanbul, you detect potential health problems before they spiral out of control and help you receive the treatment you need early on.

For example, high blood sugar, high cholesterol and diabetes do not show visible signs until they cause severe complications such as heart attacks, strokes or irreversible kidney damage. A comprehensive checkup in Turkey can help detect certain types of cancers, cysts and tumors early when they are most treatable.

While early detection definitely helps, the advantages of a regular checkup on your physical health also extend to mental health. With the peace of mind of being in good health and detecting health problems head-on, you can reduce health stress and anxiety, which can help prevent potential health problems.

A regular health check gives your doctor an overview of how your body responds to the prescription they’re giving you. This is especially important if you have a family history of heart/liver/health issues that can further highlight the need to get help and reduce the risk of developing disease.

To learn more about how a medical check can help you put a checkmate to ailments, reach out to us.

How are men and women checkups different?

For getting an in-depth understanding and cadence of your health, regular checkups are essential. They help in detecting dysfunction and get the apt diagnosis that can prevent minor issues from becoming significant ailments. Health and health checkups cannot be dealt with a one-size-fits-all approach; let’s understand the difference between men’s and women’s health checkups.

Women’s health checkups

Checkups specific to women focus on reproductive and sexual health, including breast and pelvic exams, pap smears and mammograms. Women above the age of 21 should get a pap smear every three years. Women may need to undergo specific pelvic exams to screen for gynecological issues such as infections and cysts.

Men’s health checkups

Checkups specific to men focus on issues related to the prostate, testicles and sexual health. Men should get a prostate examination from age 50 or earlier to rule out any chance and detect any cyst or cancer at earlier stages. Men planning their parenthood need to check their fertility rate from time to time and ensure that the sperm count and quality are adequate.  

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Medical checkups prices in Turkey: Tests to look forward to

Health shouldn’t take a back step when you’re leading a busy life; that’s why you need to keep an eye on your health from time to time to take stock of where you stand and nourish yourself from illness to wellness. The following tests are a part of all comprehensive health checks that can help your doctor understand your health a little better:

Blood pressure screening: A significant factor for heart disease and stroke, regular blood pressure screenings can help you and your doctor treat it early.

Cholesterol screening: It forms fat around the inner lining of your blood vessels that can lead to severe heart attacks. Regular screenings can help you detect it early.

Blood sugar levels: Fasting and postprandial numbers are vital indicators of pancreas function and can be a significant factor in diagnosing diabetes or prediabetes.

Connect with us to know more about how a health checkup can benefit you in detecting a health ailment.

Factors and treatment plans: Check up cost in Turkey

The price of a health checkup in Istanbul varies depending on the type of checkup and the medical facility you’re heading to. A comprehensive health checkup can include blood, urine, and physical examinations. Depending on the doctor you get the guidance from, they recommend tests like ECG, chest X-ray and an ultrasound.

A checkup might become a regular part of your journey towards better health with the help of a guiding doctor. Identify potential and underlying health problems before they materialize and show symptoms through a health checkup. After the results, your doctor can provide you with a treatment plan that might include exercise, dietary changes, and lifestyle revamps that can directly reduce your risk of developing an ailment. 

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