Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and language therapist/pathologist (DKT) deals with human communication and language – speech and takes part in the treatment of voice, speech, swallowing functions and language disorders in all age groups. Speech and language therapist/pathologist is a healthcare professional responsible for lifelong prevention, differential diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and scientific investigation of human communication disorders.

Speech and language therapists are members of an independent professional group specialized in various fields of interpersonal communication problems, who can make differential diagnosis in their own subjects, determine their problems and solutions through evaluation, plan and conduct post-evaluation therapy, and work in close cooperation with relevant specialists and assistant experts while performing their duties. . (ASHA and IALP, 1994;2000)

In Which Fields Do Speech and Language Therapists Work?

  • Duties, Authorities and Responsibilities
  • It is responsible for preparing and implementing a prevention, differential-diagnosis and intervention program for all disorders related to human communication in children, adolescents, adults and the elderly:
  • Articulation (cleft lip-palate, cerebral palsy, etc. related or functional developmental disability, delayed development or unknown cause) and other speech sound disorders
  • Evaluation and therapy of aphasia (language and speech loss after stroke) and other neurological origin (dysarthria, apraxia) speech and language disorders
  • Swallowing, therapy of swallowing disorders
  • voice disorders
  • Specific language disorders
  • Specific learning difficulties (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia) and disorders affecting logical processing/reasoning
  • Early speech and language education and therapy for children with special needs and developmental disabilities (such as autism)
  • Speech and language therapy for children with hearing loss and individuals with acquired hearing loss
  • Swallowing and speech therapy after laryngectomy, tracheostomy
  • Communication therapy for individuals with aging-related cerebral disorders (ALS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, etc.)

Speech and Language Therapy