Functional Medicine

A holistic approach to health and adolescence with functional medicine

Functional medicine is a medical discipline that is applied not only for patients but also for healthy people to be healthier. As it makes the person healthier, it also provides them with youth and dynamism.

Functional medicine examines six main systems systematically and holistically

Hormone, immunity, energy, detox, gastrointesinal and cardiometabolic system. Then, it gets to the bottom of the main causes of the person’s mental and spiritual structure, as well as the main causes of their life style, regulates their diet and draws prepares a treatment plan.

After filling out the patient form, which includes the person’s habits, medications, stress status, sleep, social status, nutrition, relationship with sports, and daily activities, the first long patient-doctor interview is made. Functional disorders that may cause disease are measured with advanced laboratory tests and personalized programs are made.

It also provides stress management

Functional medicine provides a healthy psychology and stress management in addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle. A healthy diet, choosing the right nutritional supplements, lifestyle changes, sports, and yoga, qi gong, which provides the body’s basic rhythm, and activities that boost their life are added to the treatment.

Treatment plan and lifestyle are created

As a result of advanced examinations that evaluate the information about the chronic diseases that have developed due to genetic, biochemical, hormonal and lifestyle differences at the cellular level, a treatment plan and lifestyle program is created in which people will get rid of their chronic diseases and the medications that they use in the long term.

It work multidisciplinary

Functional medicine works with other medical disciplines. The aim is to get rid of chronic diseases and medications in the long term, with the right life, proper nutrition and effective nutritional supplements .

Personalized nutrition and nutritional supplements are determined

Our body communicates with the outside world through our skin and the solid and liquid foods we ingest. Therefore, the biggest cause of diseases is the wrong foods and liquids we take. Functional medicine helps to find the right nutrients with the right nutrition method. The lacking food supplement determined by advanced technological tests is given intravenously in the clinical setting. (Glutathione, antioxidant and oxidative high-dose vitamin C, zinc, b-complex vitamins, alpha lipoic acid, choline …). If required, personalized protein powder supplements are given, especially in athlete health and chronic diseases, and in cancer treatment.

Holistic approach during cancer prevention and cancer treatments

The fully functional medicine approach is a discipline that provides cancer prevention. Moreover, in cancer patients, it is effective in terms of preparation of the body before radiotherapy and chemotherapy, support of the body during therapy, and detoxification of the body after therapy.

Functional medicine uses advanced technological examinations

  • Sex and stress hormones and metabolic tests (with urine and saliva sample)
  • Bowel health panels and stool microbiota test
  • Analysis of our body’s heavy metal thimble load in hair or blood
  • Intracellular mineral analysis
  • Aminoacid profile test (Personalized comments and protein powder support in athlete health and chronic diseases)
  • Chronic inflammation panel
  • Oxidative stress panel (Glutathione analysis …)
  • Histaminic intolerance DAO enzyme analysis
  • Food intolerance and food allergy panels

Functional Medicine