After cardiovascular diseases, cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world and Turkey. This disease is becoming increasingly common. Cancer-related deaths, which are among the major health problems of the society, surpass the deaths due to cardiovascular diseases. Cancer is a disease mainly caused by environmental effects and early diagnosis is very important to prevent cancer.

Holistic approach

In Liv Hospital, cancer cases are approached with a multidisciplinary perspective. Patients are examined by doctors from different disciplines. A common treatment protocol is established and the patient’s treatment is approached with a holistic approach.

Screen tests are very important

People who carry risk of cancer don’t need to despair. Because successful results are possible with early diagnosis. One of the most important things to do is to detect cancer early by participating in screening programs. If your family has a history of cancer, such as breast, ovary, prostate, colon or malignant melanoma, you may be genetically at risk. Regular check-up is essential.

Experienced professional staff and superior technology

Believing in the vital importance of early diagnosis in cancer, Liv Hospital is equipped with a high level of diagnostic technology. At Liv Hospital, experienced surgeons decide together with experts from different departments such as medical oncology, radiation oncology, psychology and using the latest technological treatment methods. Tumor Council determines the most appropriate treatment protocol for the patient with current approaches.

Personalized Cancer Treatment

Genetic characteristics, tumor characteristics, age and sex of the patient are important in the treatment process. At Liv Hospital, a personalized treatment protocol is applied according to these characteristics. Liv Hospital adopts a personalized treatment approach with individualized cancer treatment. Genetic research provides the most important contribution to cancer treatment. Liv Hospital aims at early intervention appropriate to the gene map of people with preventive medicine service.