Breast Diseases and Surgery

Based on the vital importance of early diagnosis in breast cancer, Liv Hospital uses a powerful diagnostic technology with mammography, ultrasonography, MRI and breast PET applications. Liv Hospital Breast Surgery Clinic takes a multidisciplinary approach to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer cases and other breast diseases.

Experienced Expert Staff and Superior Technology

In the treatment of breast diseases in Liv Hospital Breast Surgery Clinic; Experts from different departments such as breast surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, psychology decide together with the latest technological treatment methods. In addition, the most appropriate treatment protocol for the patient is determined by the current approaches in the Tumor Council.

Personalized Cancer Treatment

The patient’s genetic characteristics, tumor characteristics, age and gender are of great importance for treating all properties. In the Liv Hospital Breast Surgery Clinic, patients are evaluated according to all these features and a personalized treatment protocol is applied. Family screening in the clinic identifies family members at risk of cancer.

A Holistic Approach to Advanced Breast Surgery

In Liv Hospital Breast Surgery Clinic, advanced breast surgery applications, as well as radiological unit in collaboration with tru-cut biopsy, vacuum biopsy, ultrasound or mammography accompanied by mass marking and removal methods such as the necessity of patients’ clinical situation is applied

Breast Diseases and Surgery